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On behalf of the Mutual 15 Board of Directors, welcome to the Mutual 15 website.  The purpose of our website is to improve communications and to allow residents to easily find and access information about our Mutual, including Board Meeting Minutes, Policies, and upcoming events.

Please explore the many features available on this site.  The board welcomes your comments and ideas about the website.  Our goal is to make it informative and useful to our shareholders.  We need your feedback to make the website work for you!


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Mutual Board Meeting

Monday September 18th, 2023,

Conference Room B, 1:00 pm




Safety Reminders


Please do not ride bicycles through the two-story breezeways. Not only is it dangerous for the rider but also for people exiting their unit. Walking your bike through the breezeway is the proper way to pass through safely.

Also, for all residents with two-story breezeways, this is a reminder that a 36” inch clearance is the minimum clearance allowed, after the placement of shareholder’s personal items, outside their Unit.  This 36” clearance is a mandatory requirement, by the Fire Department, as to not impede access by emergency personnel (and their equipment), including without limitation, the Fire Department, GRF Security, health providers, and/or Service Maintenance.  




Did you know…

Mutual 15 has an annual contract with Fenn Termite & Pest Control.  The contract consists of the following:

·      Once a month, re-fill all rat bait stations around our mutual

·      Once a year, conduct building termite inspections and complete respective repairs


Fenn is in our mutual on Monday and Wednesday of each week for any service calls over and above their standard contract as listed above.  In 2022 we had approximately 135 calls at $30-$35 per call, costing our mutual an extra $4,052.  The majority of calls were for ants, mice, mosquitos and spiders.  Charges for these extra calls definitely add up. 

There are ways to avoid our mutual from spending so much additional money outside of Fenn’s contracted services:

·       Make efforts to control the situation yourself 

·      Purchase appropriate sprays to spot control the problem

·      Purchase traps as needed

·      Keep areas clean and clear of any food debris.

If your efforts fail, you can call your building Director for professional help to manage the situation.

As always, we thank you for your help in working with us to control our Mutual 15 budget.


Additional Parking Spots for Golf Carts & Motorcycles

We are in the process of painting additional parking spaces for Golf carts and Motorcycles around all carports throughout Mutual 15.

Residents who currently park their golf carts or motorcycles in their carports or on the street next to a building are being asked to park in one of the newly created parking spots. This will free up parking next to our buildings.





Mutual 15 & Guests

Meet, Greet and Treat

Thursday, October 19, 2023

12 noon to 2 pm

12 noon to 12:30 pm – Pizza Served

Grassy Area by Buildings 16, 30 & 31

$7 per person for food

(Includes one slice pizza, green salad, fruit, small

water & cookies – additional pizza slices/$2)


Tickets Available Call (562) 804-5585:

Barbara Keenoy, Option 7

To have pizza, you must purchase your tickets by-


Bring a chair and your favorite beverage

Halloween Costumes Optional But Encouraged




Asking residents to Please follow the rules on dispensing trash and recyclable items.  Failure to do so only cost us all more money!


  • Breakdown all corrugated boxes into small pieces before putting into recycle bin.
  • Do not place recyclable items in a bag in the bin! All items must be loose.


  • Must bag all food scraps in clear or green bags.
  • No loose food scraps in bin.
  • No other recycles items in smaller bin.
  • No garden or grass scraps in bin.


  • All trash must be in a bag.
  • No food items in trash bin.
  • All large items that do not fit into recycle or trash bins, MUST be taken to the 1.8-acre location known as the mini farm area.
  • Each resident is responsible for their own large items! Not the Mutual.
  • Failure to do so only cost us all more money!


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07/18/2022 – July Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)
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07/18/2022 – July Board Meeting Agenda
The Agenda for this months meeting is now available
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ATTENTION: If you have had the irrigation in the garden area of your unit installed, or modified, by a contractor or gardener that you hired, the Mutual will not be responsible for its maintenance. 
 02/02/2014 – Tree Inventory
View the recently prepared tree inventory. Each of Mutual 15’s 750+ trees was recorded with a photo and plain-English description. The excel version of the inventory is updated seasonally as trees are pruned.