Welcome to the Mutual 15 website!

On behalf of the Mutual 15 Board of Directors, welcome to the Mutual 15 website.  The purpose of our website is to improve communications and to allow residents to easily find and access information about our Mutual, including Board Meeting Minutes, Policies, and upcoming events. Residents may also submit items related to landscaping, service maintenance issues, and laundry rooms.

Please explore the many features available on this site.  The board welcomes your comments and ideas about the website.  Our goal is to make it informative and useful to our shareholders.  We need your feedback to make the website work for you!

   Bulletin Board 
The June meeting of the Mutual 15 Board of Directors has been canceled due to the Annual meeting, elections, and formation of the new Board.

It is likely that pressing business matters may require a “special” meeting, later in the month. If so, notice will be posted in the laundry rooms, here, and if possible, in the LW Weekly. 

06/15/2018 – Organizational Minutes 2018 (Draft)
The minutes from this year’s annual meeting are now available online.
06/15/2018 – Annual 2018Organizational Agenda 2018
The agendas for this year’s annual and organization meeting are now available online.
05/21/2018 – May Meeting Minutes (Draft)
The minutes from this month’s board meeting are now available online.
05/21/2018 – May Meeting Agenda
The agenda for this month’s board meeting is now available online.
07/19/2017 – Mutual 15 2017 Budget
The budget for 2016 is now available online.
06/16/2017 – Annual Meeting Minutes
The agenda for this year’s annual meeting are now available online.
You have now received your ballots for the annual election of members of the Board of Directors.  It is IMPORTANT that you vote. Make your voice heard. Show your support for the hours of work put in by your Board members.

Remember: Only one vote per candidate. Cumulative voting is no longer allowed.

Votes will be counted at the Annual Meeting on June 15th.

ATTENTION: The Board of Directors has made it clear that all Mutual policies will be enforced. This will include garden areas, breezeways, carports, parking, etc.
Shareholders are recommended to review all Mutual policies, and move to be in compliance.
12/11/2015 – Mutual 15 By-laws
The by-laws are now available online.
02/02/2014 – Tree Inventory
View the recently prepared tree inventory. Each of Mutual 15’s 750+ trees was recorded with a photo and plain-English description. The excel version of the inventory is updated seasonally as trees are pruned.